Sea turtle conservation across the Mediterranean (SPA/RAC )

  • Exploration of new beaches to identify possible new nesting sites.
  • Monitoring of known nesting sites.
  • Evaluation of nesting beaches quality and assessing incubation in the new potential nesting sites. Concept measures for the specific conservation of sporadic nesting sites.
  • Sampling from tissues for genetic studies.
  • Elaboration of National Action Plan for the conservation of marine turtles.
  • Elaboration of National Strategy to mitigate illegal trade of marine turtles in Tunisia.
  • Organization of training sessions.
  • Organization of awareness campaigns on sea turtles.

National Coordinator: Mr Imed Jribi

Partners: Ministère de l’environnement et développement durable, Agence de Protection et d'Aménagement du Littoral (APAL) ; NGB (Notre Grand Bleu), ATVS (Association Tunisienne de la Vie Sauvage), AJEM (Association Jlij pour l’Environnement Marin), and AFC (Association des Fans de la Chebba) 

Awareness raising project on the conservation of marine turtles in Tunisia #SeaTuMed

The SEA_TU_MED project set up by WWF North Africa, in partnership with the Coastal Protection and Development Agency, RAC/SPA and INSTM  is an a awareness raising project on sea turtles and the threats they encounter. Among them, the illegal trade of sea turtles.

In the framework of #SeaTuMed project, awareness-raising activities  targeting fishermen, fishers’ families, schools and the general public have been carried out by the #SeaTuMed consortium, in ports, fishing schools, primary schools, high schools and universities in order to raise awareness on sea turtles and their importance for marine ecosystems. A major objective of the project is to reduce illegal sea turtle trade in Tunisia.

SeaTuMed consortium

This consortium consists of a national network of civil society organizations and stakeholders, which represent the entire coastal area of Tunisia (North-Center-South).

  • 14 Tunisian associations
  • 1 Sea Scout Clan
  • 1 Youth Club




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