Loggerhead satellite tagging in Southern Kyparissia bay (ARCHELON) Kyparissia bay in Western Peloponnese, Greece hosts the largest nesting loggerhead population in the Mediterranean. ARCHELON’s team was able to conduct an… read more
Exploration of potential nesting sites and design of conservation measures for sporadic nesting in Albania (MEDASSET) Each summer sea turtles lay their eggs on sandy beaches in the east and… read more
Sea turtle conservation across the Mediterranean (SPA/RAC ) Exploration of new beaches to identify possible new nesting sites. Monitoring of known nesting sites. Evaluation of nesting beaches quality and assessing incubation… read more
Sea turtle protection (SPA/RAC) Monitoring known nesting sites of marine turtles. Explore the Libyan coastal beaches to identify new nesting sites. Assess the quality of the beaches for nesting and… read more
Beach assessment, awareness raising and turtle trade (SPA/RAC ) Coastal exploration for the identification of potential areas for marine turtle nesting along the Mediterranean Egypt coast. Evaluation of the quality… read more
Sea turtle conservation in Lebanon (SPA/RAC)  Monitoring known nesting sites of marine turtles. Coastal exploration for the identification of new nesting beaches. Evaluation of the quality of beaches for marine turtle… read more
Sea turtle genetic analysis training (SPA/RAC) Sub regional training session on Sea Turtles Conservation: 20 – 27 June 2018, (Dalyan) Mugla, Turkey, (25 participants). Training on sea turtle genetic analysis:… read more
SPA/RAC Algeria Assembling and reviewing data of identified sea turtle nesting events in Algeria.   Morocco, Italy, Spain, France during 2018 and 2019 Monitoring marine turtle nests’ temperatures Assessment of… read more
Reinforced coordination among partners (MedPAN) Important Marine Turtle Areas Exchange visits were initiated in 2019 with the IUCN international expert group on marine turtles to build on international and standardised processes… read more

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