WWF North Africa (Tunisia)

WWF North Africa (Tunisia)

WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) is an international non-governmental organization with a mission to build a future where man lives in harmony with nature.

WWF is the world's leading organisation for the protection of nature and the environnement. WWF has more than 5 million donors around the world. The organisation has an operational network in 100 countries offering 1,200 nature protection programmes. WWF seeks concerted action all over the world to implement concrete and sustainable solutions. The organisation has a real desire to involve all stakeholders: local communities, businesses, governments, international and non-governmental organisations.

WE WORK IN TUNISIA FOR OVER 25 YEARS !  Founded in 1994, WWF Tunisia works to offer future generations a living planet.  Our philosophy is based on dialogue and action. With our experts and the support of our donors, we are carrying out concrete activities in Tunisia and North Africa to safeguard the natural environment and its species, ensure the promotion of sustainable lifestyles, traine decision-makers, suppore residents in reducing their ecological footprint, and contribute to the environmental education of young people.  WWF North Africa is part of WWF's Mediterranean program.

Our mission

 WWF is taking action to stop environmental degradation and build a future where people live in harmony with nature.

Our strategy

We collaborate with public actors, businesses, civil society and local communities to ensure the conservation of our raw materials and to ensure a sustainable future for human beings.

WWF Is global, independent, multicultural and non-partisan.

  • We use the most reliable and recent scientific information to assess each problem and find solutions.
  • We seek dialogue and avoid unnecessary confrontations.
  • We build concrete conservation solutions through a combination of field projects, policy initiatives, capacity building and educational work.



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