The network of Marine Protected Areas (MPA) managers in the Mediterranean, MedPAN, promotes MPA management effectiveness and healthy marine ecosystems in the Mediterranean.

The network exists since the 90s. It is run since 2008 by the MedPAN organization, a permanent, independent and non-profit making, non-governmental structure, established at the request of MPA managers, as an association under the French-law, with dedicated funds.

The MedPAN network currently gathers 68 organisation members, which are MPA managers and 48 official partners, which are organizations contributing to MPA creation and management, from 8 European countries (France, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Greece, Cyprus, Malta) and 11 Mediterranean non-European countries (Albania, Turkey, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Lebanon, Libya,  Israel, Egypt, Montenegro, Monaco).

The vision of MedPAN is a healthy marine and coastal ecosystem with appropriate protection at European level, at Mediterranean level and at global level, that provides sustainable goods and services for the well-being of present and future societies.

The mission of MedPAN is to actively contribute to the achievement of a representative, connected, integrated and effectively managed system of Mediterranean MPAs, through a strong and active networking of MPA managers and other actors that increases knowledge and capacities of MPAs while improves awareness, MPA policy and funding.      

Networks of MPA managers are recognised as a cornerstone of MPA performance. They build “MPA communities” at all levels, by connecting marine planners and managers, decision-makers, scientists and other stakeholders, working towards the same overall goal of healthy, sustainable ocean and coasts.


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