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Photo Exhibition and Screenings at Technopolis City of Athens praised by Attendees

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The photo exhibition created in the context of the project “Conservation of Marine Turtles in the Mediterranean Region”, entitled “Humans and Turtles: An Everlasting Relationship” has successfully taken place at Technopolis City of Athens  from June 14th until June 19th 2022 . The exhibition was organised by MEDASSET - Mediterranean Association to Save the Sea Turtles on behalf of all project partners (SPA/RAC, ARCHELON, DEKAMER, MedPAN, National Marine Park of Zakynthos, WWF Greece, WWF Tunisie and WWF Turkey). The photo exhibition featured photo material from 10 Mediterranean countries (Greece, Tunisia, Turkey, Albania, Libya, Lebanon, Algeria, Spain, Italy and Morocco), highlighting the conservation efforts undertaken in the framework of the project in all the above counties to protect sea turtles and their habitats.

Technopolis is the main cultural venue in Athens city centre and the visitors, praised the photo material and had the chance to speak with MEDASSET personnel about the threats that sea turtles face due to human activities and what they can do to contribute to their conservation.

Screenings of the Documentary “My Name is Blue” and of the short fiction film “An Important Job”

On Saturday June 18th two special screenings were organised by MEDASSET at the renovated amphitheatre “Miltiadis Evert: at Technopolis City of Athens. The Documentary “My Name is Blue”, with the sea turtle as the main protagonist, was screened for the first time and the audience had the chance to indulge themselves in the sea turtle world, while being informed about the threats imposed to sea turtles by human activities and the conservation efforts that take place across the Mediterranean. The Documentary was by Mind The Bump Productions in the context of the project “Conservation of Marine Turtles in the Mediterranean Region”. Moreover, the short fiction film “An Important Job” created in the context of the MedBycatch project by Vergi Film Productions, was also screened during the event.  The film sheds light on the issue of bycatch of vulnerable species during fishing operations through art and cinema. Everyday fishers around the Mediterranean are making important choices towards a more sustainable future for our seas and oceans. “An Important Job” short film aims to raise awareness on this untold story. Both films received the audience’s warm applause and positive comments. Participants stated that this content should travel across Greece to educate audience on sea turtle and marine conservation.  


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