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Marine Turtles: Ambassadors of the Mediterranean

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On the occasion of the 7th Mediterranean Conference on Marine Turtles hosted in the city of Tetouan, Morocco, from October 18 – 21 2022, the need for effective conservation strategies for marine turtles to ensure a healthy Mediterranean was reaffirmed. Under the theme “Sea Turtle Conservation After the Pandemic”, the conference convened scientists, conservationists, NGOs, International and Regional Institutions, policy makers and pan-Mediterranean stakeholders, setting the pace for marine turtle conservation in the region, and beyond.  

Among the conference highlights was the evening event organised on the 19th October by the partners of the “Conservation of Marine Turtles in the Mediterranean Region” project, entitled “Marine Turtles: Ambassadors of the Mediterranean”. Welcoming remarks were provided by Professor Mustapha Aksissou, president of the 7th Mediterranean Conference on Marine Turtles, with strong statements and calls for effective management from Dimitris Margaritoulis (ARCHELON) and George Sampson (MEDASSET), and a charismatic recognition of the achievements of the project, the impactful actions of the MAVA Foundation, and ensuring MAVA’s legacy was delivered by Paule Gross.

Yakup Kaska (DEKAMER) and Lobna Ben Nakhla (SPA/RAC) highlighted the significant strides made by the project and called for an expansion of the project’s Partnership reiterating the need for collective marine turtle conservation strategies in the Mediterranean with a focus on strong partnerships, MPA management and climate change.

All parties declared their determined dedication and commitment continue efforts for a thriving marine turtle population in the Mediterranean, demonstrated through the signing of “Joint Call to Action for the Conservation of Marine Turtles in Mediterranean”.

The Joint Call to Action calls on governments, NGOs, Global International Organisations, Regional Instruments and Businesses, to join the project’s partnership in implementing immediate actions for the protection of marine turtles.

Upon conclusion the of the Project’s second Phase in 2022, the Partnership will now turn its attention to launching Phase III, continuing to advance science and knowledge, reducing local, national, and regional threats, and driving, advocating and supporting national and international legislation for the protection, management, and recovery of marine turtles within the Mediterranean.

See the link below for the signed Call to Action:

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