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9th Steering Committee Meeting in Kyparissia Bay Greece

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The partners of the project “Conservation of Marine Turtle in the Mediterranean Region”, met in Kyparissia Bay in Greece from 04-05 July to pave the way for Phase III. The partners, NGOs and regional institutions like the Specially Protected Areas Regional Activities Center (SPA/RAC) of the UNEP/MAP, that work for sea turtle conservation across the Mediterranean, agreed on specific actions after the close of MAVA Foundation, with the aim to sustain the partnership and the conservation activities around the Mediterranean. 

The Meeting was organised by SPA/RAC and ARCHELON and on day two, a morning survey to identify new nests, under the guidance of ARCHELON team, took place in Kalo Nero in Kyparissia, the core nesting area of the largest nesting site for Caretta caretta sea turtle in the Mediterranean.

All partners reconfirmed their will to continue working together.


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Nesting Monitoring in Kyparissia Bay Greece

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It's really quiet at this time of year in Kyparissia bay and Archelon, the Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece team has no great event planned for the 16th of June, World Sea Turtle Day. 
We are monitoring the #nesting activity and there is beauty all around. Mostly due to seaturtles interacting with the natural habitat.
Happy World Sea Turtle Day.
Video credits: Yiannis Chalkias, Lodewijk Desertine - Copyright:© ARCHELON
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