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MAVA Commemorative Book

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Words cannot capture the contribution of MAVA Foundation to biodiversity conservation. Since 1994 the foundation has funded more than 1.500 projects, with grants exceeding 1.14 billion CHF and collaborated with more the 500 partners.

The Mediterranean Sea was very dear to Dr. Luc Hoffmann, the founder of MAVA Foundation. Through the years, numerous projects and partnerships aimed to protect biodiversity in the Mediterranean. This project was one of them.

We invite you to read the MAVA Commemorative Book to gain an insight on the history, vision, achievements, and the sense of belonging created by MAVA Foundation.

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Enhancing the protection and conservation of marine turtle nesting sites in the Mediterranean 2017-2022_Final Evaluation

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13 Mediterranean countries, 10 direct partners and numerous local partners, support from local communities, volunteers, scientists, conservationists and MPA managers. This is in a short glance, the MAVA Funded project “Conservation of Marine Turtles in the Mediterranean Region” (2017-2022).

This five year project had as an ultimate goal:

→ “By 2022, at least 50% of the nests on monitored beaches produced successful hatchlings, indicating favourable nesting conditions.”

To achieve this goal the partnership worked on a multi-level, decentralised approach and particularly: field monitoring and protection of nests across the Mediterranean, satellite tracking of loggerhead (Caretta caretta) and green turtles, sporadic nesting monitoring, lobbying policy makers and establishing new National Action Plans for the conservation of sea turtles, raising awareness on sea turtle conservation and engaging local communities and the young generation.

Read our compact evaluation report  and find out how we protected Marine Turtles in the Mediterranean:


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Home Sweet Home

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The journey of a Caretta caretta turtle across the Mediterranean reminds us that sea turtles know no borders. If we want to efficiently protect the species we must collaborate. NGOs, environmental conventions, scientists ,conservationists and local communities across different Mediterranean countries must join their forces forces for sea turtle conservation. 

This is what we do, for the last four years, in the framework of this project. We are a truly Pan-Mediterranean alliance, with our hearts devoted to sea turtles.

Enjoy the video created by Notre Grand Bleu  in Tunisia. 

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