Hatching season in Lebanon

Hatching season in Lebanon
Hatchlings in Lebanon © Ali Badreddine

The nests are hatching in Lebanon and thousands of hatchlings are heading into the sea.

While this is the perfect occassion for awareness raising activities, we must never forget that it's really importan to let hatchlings do the job on their own. What we can do to help them is to remove obstacles from their path, like rocks or big piles of sand. And that is it. Then we must stay clear of them.  As they move into the sea, one hypothesis is, that they imprint on the unique geomagnetic signature of their natal area and use this information to return many years later to nest. This beach is called the natal beach.

If you come across the rare and beautiful site of a turtle nest hatching, please stay away and report the incident to an official. If the hatchlings are disorientated, report the incident to an official and he/she might request from you to help him/her move the htachling closer to the sea, so they can enter on their own. 

  • We would like to thank the National Focal Point in Lebanon Mr. Ali Badreddine for the material 



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