Project Activities

The Project Conservation of Marine Turtles in the Mediterranean Region  aims to enhance the protection and conservation of Marine Turtles in the Mediterranean Region by reducing human-induced direct mortality.

Activities are taking place in 13 Countries:

Albania, Algeria, Cyprus, Egypt, France, Greece, Italy, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Spain, Tunisia and Turkey.



Applied Research and Monitoring of nesting sites and marine hotspots


  • Monitoring of known and sporadic nesting sites.
  • Assessment of beach quality for nesting and incubation on potential nesting areas.
  • Evaluation of climate change impacts on nesting.
  • Improved knowledge on migration routes and feeding sites using current and new technologies (i.e. satellite tracking, isotope and genetic analysis, etc.).


Reinforcement of coordination and implementation of harmonized protocols


  • Identification and mapping of important Marine Turtle Areas in the Mediterranean.
  • Standardised monitoring protocols on Marine Turtles available for managers of Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas (MPAs).
  • Integration of collected data in the Mediterranean Biodiversity Platform.

Capacity building for relevant stakeholders for marine turtle conservation

  • Organization of regional trainings on identification and monitoring of nesting areas.
  • Standardised assessment of beach quality for nesting.
  • Permanent operational training centers developed for MPA managers.
  • MPA exchange visits on managing marine turtles.
  • Permanent training centers for education on marine turtles.

Improvement of management and protection of nesting sites


  • Elaboration or update of National Action Plans for the conservation of marine turtles.
  • Advocacy activities with case studies from pilot sites on marine turtles’ management.
  • Rapid assessment of the conservation status of nesting beaches in Greece.
  • Manual for MPA (Marine Protected Areas) Managers based on adaptive management principles.
  • Awareness raising for local communities.
  • Evaluation of socio‐economic benefits linked to marine turtle conservation in Zakynthos National Park (Greece).

Reduce illegal trade of marine turtles in Tunisia

  • Assessment of the existing illegal trade by interviewing local stakeholders and communities.
  • Sustainable behavior change campaigns.
  • Communication activities to raise awareness about marine turtles. General audiences to be informed about the serious threat posed by illegal trade on marine turtle populations.



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